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Equine Therapy

Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled

Being in the presence of a pony that is calm and relaxed helps us disconnect from upsetting thoughts, emotions and other stressors that disrupt our inner peace, opening us up to be in a state of mind and body that enables self‑awareness and positive new learning.


Interaction with the pony can increase self-awareness; the pony will respond to our body language, breathing, heart rate and emotional energy. This kind of ‘mirroring’ behaviour can provide us with a strong visual cue to help us develop awareness of our own emotional energy and body language.


The beautiful calm environment at Broadlands RDA, Medstead is the ideal setting. 


Our ponies enjoy where they live and where they are cared for, they rejoin with our therapy clients in a kind and supportive manner. With 11 ponies to choose from we can select the best one for you, to build a friendship with and share their calmness and sincerity. They enjoy building a bond with us and recognising the changes, lowering of anxiety, gaining of confidence, improved happiness and having the purpose of coming to see them, groom them and be calm with them.


Recent research by the RDA supports what we see every day at Broadlands.

In just 12 weeks of tracking participants' progress we have seen:

74% demonstrated physical improvement

77% experienced greater confidence

75% more enjoyment

65% showed a greater willingness and ability to communicate

72% showed improved relationship building skills

78% demonstrated clear advances in horsemanship

Broadlands Group RDA, Medstead and Treloars
Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled
Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled
Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled
Treloar student at Broadlands RDA, Medstead
The brilliant dressage rider Suzanna Hext
"It gives me much more independence than I get in my wheelchair"

Kate Sills

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