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With your help, here's a fantastic new way, for Broadlands RDA, Medstead to give many more people a new and exciting way to treat their physical and mental problems. 


Carriage Driving has been part of RDA since 1975 and is particularly useful for people who are unable to ride due to their disability, or those who are looking for different kind of challenge.


Broadlands RDA is asking for your help to support our fundraising appeal to allow us to offer carriage driving courses from our site in Medstead. Carriage driving helps to improve coordination and balance of those who take part. The freedom of being in the open air with a pony also provides an antidote to the isolation that often comes with having a severe disability.  


The funds raised through our appeal will allow us to provide this wonderful opportunity for adults and children to treat their physical and mental issues in a different way.


​Participants in carriage driving can either have a drive in the country accessing 7.5 miles of beautiful byways around Broadlands, please click here for a view, or can learn to compete in RDA competitions and open shows where there is a suitable class for them. Classes include showing, dressage, cones and obstacle driving. There are also grade tests that can be taken.

Our ponies are assessed for safety and suitability, as are our volunteers (RDA Whips) who sit beside the drivers in the carriage with a second set of reins, are all trained to RDA standards so that they can give assistance when needed.


The carriages are especially designed to carry wheelchairs if necessary. Every time a disabled driver is taken out they are accompanied by their RDA Whip and at least two volunteers on bicycles in hi-vis clothing.

We aim to raise £12,500 to help fund our new ‘Carriage Driving’ service to provide 500 drives, which we hope to start offering in May 2021. Your donation will help us to develop this wonderful new service  – and allow as many adults and children as possible to take part – throughout Hampshire.

Please help us by donating £5 or £10 a month or a one off donation of your choice by clicking on the DONATE BUTTON below now.


Thank you so much.

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Non physical benefits include

  • Decision making

  • Making friends

  • Achievement

  • Self confidence

  • Socialising/interaction

  • General support in times of difficulty

Physical benefits include

  • Improved co-ordination

  • Improved muscle power

  • Improved balance

  • Relaxation through rhythmic movement

  • Being out in the open air

  • Mental stimulation and therefore thought and memory coordination

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Corporate Sponsorship is another great way to support us.

Our volunteer outriders need highly visible fluorescent clothes and the riding carriages need maintenance. Perhaps you could sponsor those needs and:

Have your company name highly visible on the carriage rear.


And also have access to our wonderful riding grounds and facilities for your staff and corporate events.

To help contact email us on:

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