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Broadlands RDA, Medstead has been dedicated to supporting children and adults with physical disabilities and learning difficulties, since 1955. 


Gaining the confidence to sit on a pony enables the benefits of riding. 


A pony’s gait is a movement very similar to that of the human pelvis at walk. This rhythmic movement producing approximately 110 impulses a minute and combined with the warmth of the pony helps to promote relaxation and decrease high muscle tone. The initial impact is on core strength enabling an upright sitting posture and concentration whilst the body learns to relax and adjust to the regular movement. Later incorporating standard riding and other exercises assists with the development of minor and major motor functions.


The whole experience with our ponies, coaches and volunteers builds confidence and communication in our calm non-judgemental countryside environment. 


Hippotherpy for the under 5s

Hippotherapy is a form of physiotherapy where the physiotherapist uses the movement of the pony to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. 


The aim of these sessions is to use the movements of the pony for therapy which can improve, balance, core strength, trunk mobility and symmetry, head control, co‑ordination and stamina.


Nicky is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Hippotherapist who has been practicing Hippotherapy since 2011. 


She setup 'Hipponi' Hippotherapy in 2013 - please visit for additional information about Nicky and the treatment.  She is now delighted to be working in partnership with Broadlands Group RDA, Medstead to offer the many benefits that this therapy can offer to young children.

Broadlands RDA, Medstead - 'Hipponi' Hippotherapy
Broadlands RDA, Medstead - 'Hipponi' HippotherapyPhoto-28-07-2014-11-24-53.jpeg
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