The ability to enrich lives through horses
We Provide Invaluable Therapeutic Riding Lessons For Children and Adults 

If you haven’t yet completed our Covid Induction and would like to come back to Broadlands, there are still sessions available on:

July 27th, 29th & 30th, and August 3rd, 5th & 6th - Just visit the Covid-19 webpage.

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Thanks to our loyal and caring team of highly trained volunteers together with our nine lovely ponies, over the last 64 years we have opened up a world of possibilities in sport, friendship, education and new life skills for thousands of riders. 


Based in a uniquely calm countryside environment in Medstead near Alton in Hampshire, Broadlands provides therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults. 

The first priority of the Broadlands team of trained volunteer and coaches is to help those with many varied problems to see new horizons and achieve new goals. As a team, safety is a priority. From the moment of arrival everyone is always carefully managed and cared for. 


"When you're on top of a horse, you get this special feeling...

You're just there with your horse and nothing else in the world matters"


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What our team and donaters have achieved over the  years is amazing. however, to build for the future 

we still need your help.

As a small local charity we are reaching out to you to donate financial support.

Thanks to your help the recent redevelopment of the riding school been so successful.


After replacing the old asbestos roof on the riding school and building the new VIewing Gallery we still have to resurface and re-fence the Riding School. 

There are some important developments to complete.

We need to raise £20,000 to replace our ancient toilet facility. 

We must cover ongoing running costs so we can look after our lovely ponies and maintain the services we provide for the children and adults who need our help.



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