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Everything you need to know about Broadlands


"Broadlands is the most special place for anyone with physical or mental disabilities"

Who can apply?

To apply to ride, drive or experience EAL you need to be over the age of 5. We have no upper age limit. We are open to those with physical, developmental, sensory impaired, behavioural, and emotional disabilities and disorders. Children under 5 can apply for the Hippotherapy.


How do I apply?

Please complete our application form here. Your application will be sent direct to our inbox, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meet and greet in due course. 


Do I need to make a regular commitment? 

For participants we would usually arrange and recommend a weekly commitment however sometimes it may be appropriate to arrange a fortnightly commitment. 

For volunteers we value your time whenever you can give it so there is no commitment requested, however it is incredibly beneficial for participants to see regular faces, so we encourage volunteers to try and attend the same sessions each week where possible. 


Is there a waiting list? 

We operate a waiting list and occasionally we may be forced to close it due to demand. The waiting list does not work on a first come first served basis. Due to the diverse nature of our participants, we fill our ridden session with those who are suited to each group rather than who applied first. 


How much does it cost? 

We request a donation of £30 per session for each activity.

Is there a weight limit for ridden activities?

Yes, for the welfare of our ponies we have a 10 stone / 63Kg weight limit in place. Our ponies not only carry a rider, but they also carry a saddle which adds weight to their backs. People who are new to riding can often be unbalanced which could cause discomfort or injury to the horse.


How can I donate money or goods to you?

You can make a one-off donation to Broadlands here or set up a regular direct debit here. We can also accept cash donations via the office. We no longer accept cheques.

Our ponies are all very well kitted out with their own specialist saddles, blankets, bridles and reins so we are not able to accept donations of tack. Occasionally we will put a call out for certain items via our newsletter or social media channels so please do follow us if you think you may want to help donate items in the future.


What does volunteering include?

Volunteers can expect to be both helping on the yard and helping our sessions run smoothly. A typical session might include grooming and tacking up a pony, sweeping up on the yard, leading a pony or side-walking next to a participant. You don’t need any experience with horses as we will teach you what you need to know, and you can learn at your own pace. Occasionally we need help running our events and open days, so this is great for a bit of variety. 

Read our Volunteer FAQ's if you have any more questions.


What should I wear? (riding/volunteer)

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Riders should ideally wear boots with a small heel however we don’t expect you to go out and buy something especially for riding. Riding hats are provided for riding and carriage driving or you are welcome to bring your own, provided it meets current safety standards.

Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather forecast as you can expect to be outside most of the time. Closed-toe shoes are required, we suggest boots that will keep your feet dry and that you don’t mind getting dirty as there can be mud, lying water and the sand-school to contend with!


When do your sessions run?

See full schedule here


I’m a wheelchair user, how can I take part?

Our centre is accessible to wheelchair users, with ramps to the gallery and accessible toilets. We are fortunate enough to have a specialist lift which allows us to be able to offer riding as we can mount and dismount you safely, see video below. Our driving carriages can also accommodate a wheelchair. Some of our wheelchair users prefer the ground based Equine Assisted Learning and enjoy grooming the ponies and helping out with jobs around the yard. 


How do I find you?

Our address is: Broadlands Group RDA, Lower Paice Lane, Medstead, Alton GU34 5PX

What3Words: discusses.ankle.rejoiced

We are in a remote location and not near any public transport hubs.


Do you run riding lessons in all weathers? 

Yes, our riding school has a roof, so we continue with lessons regardless of the weather. In extreme weather such a storms high winds or extreme heat we might make a decision to cancel.


How can I keep up to date with activities and events?

You can follow us on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. We also have a regular newsletter ‘Pony Express’ which you can sign up to here. We have a range of events throughout the year, take a look at our events page here. 

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