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Volunteer Application Form

RDA Application Information

RDA Group Name - Broadlands Equine Therapy & RDA

Charity Number - 117098

Group Contact Name - Paige Parsons

Contact Address - Lower Paice Lane, Medstead, GU34 5PX

Contact Email Address -

Contact Telephone Number - 01420 375767

All information provided on this form will remain strictly confidential, for use by relevant RDA personnel only, in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. It will be used to help us to understand any specific needs you may have and to support you. We will also use this information to contact you in relation to your activities with RDA - this may include sending you important information about your involvement in your RDA Group, or any other activities you may take part in within RDA.

Part 1 - Your Details (Volunteer)

Preferred Days

Part 2 - Specific information about you

The information in this section will be used to help us learn a little more about you, understand your needs, and ensure we are able to place you in a suitable volunteering role at the group.

Part 3 - Emergency Contact Details

If you become a volunteer with us it’s important we know who to contact in case you are injured or become ill while volunteering.

Part 4 - References

We request all volunteers provide two references to support their application.  These people should not be related to you, should have known you for at least 2 years and should be someone you know in a professional capacity where possible.

It is our policy to take up all references.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Part 5 - Declaration

·       I wish to apply to join an RDA Group as a volunteer and confirm that all details given on this form are true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

·       I confirm that I will notify RDA immediately if any of the details or information provided on this form should change in any way.

·       I recognise that this activity involves risk, and that I, the volunteer, must take all reasonable precautions and follow all advice properly given, at all times.

·       I confirm that I will adhere to the RDA Codes of Conduct

·       I understand that horses and ponies, by nature, are unpredictable and as such they may react to a situation or to the local environment in such a way that the volunteer may be knocked by accident.

In the absence of any negligence on the part of the RDA Group or RDA UK, I fully understand and accept that no liability will attach to either party.

·       I consent to an enhanced disclosure check being made (if applicable), will abide by the group’s policies and procedures and confirm that the information provided on this form is correct.  I accept that failure to disclose information or subsequent failure to conform to the group’s Safeguarding Policies & Procedures may result in possible disciplinary action.


As part of the checking procedures, you are advised that the Group reserves the right to make reference to the Local Authority          Social Services Department and Police Records to verify information given on this form, when it is submitted or at any time in the future.


NB:  It is the duty of all Group personnel, Coaches and Volunteers to report any conviction involving children.

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