Volunteer Attendance

Dear Volunteers,

If you click on the links below, you can add yourself to the list for the sessions you can make to provide help at riding sessions, over the coming days and months.

We will let you know via Pony Express when a ride will start, if you want to get back into the routine, please come along there are many jobs that need doing even grooming a muddy pony.

Please bookmark this page and come back to update your availability.

Pony Fun day

Thursday 30 December

I am free to help

Friday driving session is moving to Friday morning

If you have any questions please contact the Jayne in the office on

01420 375767 or office@broadlandsgrouprda.org.uk

Please try yo keep your record up to date, this is how it helps us:

  1. We know who to expect

  2. In case of a Covid problem we know who was on site

  3. To calculate the number of hours volunteers give us when applying for grants.

Autism and Strategies to Support Effective Communication

presentation created by Debbie Cavalier SENDCo

Autism Comms Front.png

To volunteer with us you need an RDA Green Card


What is a Green Card?

To obtain and receive insurance for the fabulous work you do at Broadlands we need to complete an RDA Green Card to confirm we have completed your basic training.  Horse riding is a very risky business and completing a Green Card ensures you are covered by the insurance.  The Green Cards are stored in the Gallery.  When you complete a section please ask Suzanne, Jacky or one of our coaches to check and sign your card.

Coming back after Covid everyone needs to have their card signed confirming you know what to do, please ensure yours has been updated.

To volunteer with us you also need a DBS

All volunteers are required to complete a DBS check, the first part is for us to confirm who you are!   Please read the attached DBS requirement document, click the link to view or print.

Please arrange for either Nigel, or Jayne to validate the required documents.

We will then email a link and the relevant username and passwrod so you can complete an ENHANCED DBS online.

When this is complete and you are issued with your certificate we request you make a £10 donation to Broadlands to cover the cost.


Our bank details are

CAF Bank,   Broadlands Group RDA,   Sort Code: 405240,  Account: 00029242

or you can make a donation here