The work at Broadlands provides significant beneficial impact in terms of improving both the physical and mental health wellbeing of disadvantaged riders. It is life enhancing not just our riders but also benefits  the families involved together with our many volunteers.

The therapeutic benefits for the riders are both mental and physical. The movements transferred from the horses’ back to the riders pelvis stimulates balance reactions, relaxes tense muscles and stretches tight structures allowing the rider to improve their sitting posture and gain strength. Goals can be achieved at every session, however small, leading to increased confidence and self esteem.  


Recent research by the RDA supports what we see every day at Broadlands.

In just 12 weeks of tracking riders' progress we have seen:

74% demonstrated physical improvement

77% experienced greater confidence

75% more enjoyment

65% showed a greater willingness and ability to communicate

72% showed improved relationship building skills

78% demonstrated clear advances in horsemanship

Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled
Broadlands Group RDA Medstaed - Riding for the Disabled
"It gives me much more independence than I get in my wheelchair"

Kate Sills

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