Threapeutic Grooming Sessions Broadlands RDA, Medst

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Therapeutic Grooming Sessions

Being in the presence of a pony that is calm and relaxed can help us disconnect from upsetting thoughts, emotions and other stressors that disrupt our inner peace, opening us up to be in a state of mind and body that enables self-awareness and positive new learning.

If you have anxiety or emotional issues and are looking for help we are offering five Therapeutic Grooming Sessions as below, to hopefully let our talented facilitators and lovely ponies inspire you. 

(No previous equine experience necessary).

Caroline and Rowan, Broadlands RDA, Medstead
Lucy with Rowan - Broadlands RDA, Medstead

Group Therapeutic Grooming

Peaceful time spent with a pony can help us focus our attention away from negative and intrusive thoughts and help us to be calm, relaxed and peaceful.


This special time helps us let go of our worries and anxieties, stop thinking of the future or the past past, just enjoying the present moment. Interaction with the pony can increase self-awareness; the pony will respond to our body language, breathing, heart rate and emotional energy. 


This kind of ‘mirroring’ behaviour can provide us with a strong visual cue to help us develop awareness of our own emotional energy and body language.

Maximum number of 6 participants for each one hour long session.

at a cost of £200.00 per person.

Course runs in two separate 4 week sections, you can book for the first to see if you benefit, and add the second if you wish at a cost of £100.00 per person for each 4 weeks.

For dates in 2021 please email

Group facilitated by Jacky Nuth and Susan Allshorn.  

Group Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness amongst the beauty of nature, we can generate harmony, depth and calm.


Ponies provide us with a role model. By observing equine behaviour and spending time quietly in their company we see an alternative way of being with ourselves and one another. One of the first steps in dealing with emotions is to recognise each emotion as it arises, ponies view emotions as information, that no emotion is good or bad.

Maximum number of 8 participants, one hour long.

Group facilitated by Susan Allshorn and Jacky Nuth.

Our course will run for 8 consecutive weeks

at a cost of £200.00

Starting on Friday 18th September 2020 at 5.30pm.

Science of the Heart - An Overview of Research Conducted by HeartMath Institute

The ability to adjust and self-regulate is central to resilience, good health and effective decision making. It is a key for success in living life with greater kindness and compassion in all relationships.

If people’s capacity for intelligent, self‑directed regulation is strong enough, then regardless of inclinations, past experiences or personality traits, they usually can do the adaptive or right thing in most situations.

Private Therapeutic Grooming with Jacky Nuth 

Each session 45 minutes long at a cost of £34.00

Private Mindfulness Sessions with Susan Allshorn, MBCT

Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. Each one hour long session is £45

(if you would like this option I will put you in touch with Susan directly).

IFEEL Human Development

The demands of daily life can often destabilise our work, life and wellbeing balance.


Increasingly health and relationships can become strained, are undermined or damaged and we may even lose direction and purpose.


Equine Facilitated Human Development (EFHD) creates an opportunity for positive change by harnessing the psychological and emotional benefits of working in partnership with horses to facilitate personal, emotional and relational learning insights. 


Interacting with horses using equine assisted therapy can heighten our awareness and open us up to new possibilities for personal growth and development. As a result, we can move forwards in our lives with purpose, more confidence and conviction.


Private session with Jacky Nuth one and a half hours long. Each session £65.

To book your sessions please contact

Phone: 01420 375767