Our lovely ponies provide therapy and fun for so many people.

We usually have eight wonderful ponies of various sizes and shapes with different paces to suit individual riders. Unfortunately, lovely Daisy who dedicated her life to helping so many riders passed away very recently - so we are looking for another kind and caring pony to take her place. 

Our ponies are selected for their mild temperament, peaceful attitude and are carefully trained for the job they have to do. They are calm and responsive so that they will obey the rider however weak the signal helping to provide not just physical therapy but also develop life-affirming relationships. 


"I was born in Ireland in 2002. I'm a 14.1hh grey roan/skewbald and I simply love being groomed and getting out to work! But one thing I don't like is being held too tight. I just love Broadlands and have been living here since November 2010. Everyone tells me I'm very bossy.

Huge thanks to Hugh and Hugo's Ironman UK for funding me."


"After being born a cob in 2000 I arrived at Broadlands in Medstead on St George's Day in April 2012. Yes, I'm a black pony and I'm 14.3 hh. Two things that turns me on are getting loads of attention and eating buckets full of lunch. 

 Whereas, the thought of work turns me right off!."


"So very very sad... Dear Daisy recently died after giving so much love and help to so many riders! 

She was a real mix - Icelandic and Arab and was born way back in 1988. When itchy she adored being groomed and groomed and groomed... And pulling funny faces.

And many thanks to her sponsor Mrs Hazel Lang who used to stay at Broadlands when she was very young." 



"Just so there is no confusion my real name is 'Millesford  Hollywood Hotstuff! I was born a star in The New Forest back in 1999. As you can see my beautiful colouring is chestnut with a hint of strawberry roan. And I'm  a glamorous 13.2 hh.

I am currently Broadlands head mare despite whatever Millie says. Nothing thrills me more than showing off in competitions. But beware anyone who wants to clip me... If you try I'll clop you!"


"Actually my full name is Matley Bracken 2nd. Yes I'm a mare; I'm Bay coloured and was born just around the corner in the New Forest back in 2001.

I adore working with small children especially when I'm on the lead rein. But beware I love my own space and really don't like being crowded."   


"Well everyone... I was born in Ireland in  1993 and my favourite rider is called Irisha! When it comes to colour I'm Brown/Bay and I'm 14.1hh. In my life people and food always come first. As everyone knows I love shouting out for my grub. If there's one thing I hate... It's having to wait for it.

I am owned by Dr Clare Howard who has been great in allowing me to stay at Broadlands."


"Well... I was born in Connemara back in 2004. Yes, I'm a grey and I'm 15.2hh. At the end of the day I simply love a good comfy night's sleep. Two things that bug me though are flippin' horseflies and guess what... Having to get up!"  


"Nobody knows for sure but I may be just over twenty years old after being born round about1994. And I am an Icelandic expert chestnut coloured 13hh gelding who loves helping children - especially at the Pony Club. As far as I am concerned horse flies are the bane of my life. I hate them.

I was given to Broadlands by Mrs Kate McCowen and am now sponsored by the lovely Mrs Pam Smith."


"I am a superstar... Everyone loves me, mostly I guess, because I am so trustworthy. I'm a small cob (there's something about that really annoys me!) 14.2hh skewbald/roan mare who was born back in 1994. When it comes to other ponies, I like nothing more than my own space. And the only thing I hate is being on a diet."  

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