If you have completed your Covid Induction and are coming to visit Broadlands please click the button.

If you are coming several times in the week click once on a Monday morning.

Volunteers and riders

at last we have a chance to reopen Broadlands RDA

It's been a while coming but we are here, the start of the next part of the journey to having you all back in our fabulous environment on a regular basis.

Each of you; staff, volunteers and riders, will have to work through the same process to start back, until legislation changes.  We have aimed to make this as simple as possible ensuring your safety, using guidance from the RDA.  It will be a paperless process, if you get stuck please call or email Nigel - 07789 430892.

Step 1: Pick a date you want to come to the stable for induction and discussion

Step 2: Before your date take time to watch the presentation

Step 3: Complete the relevant application form and email to the office

Step 4: During the week before your induction day please click the Covd Safe button at the top of htis page

Step 5: Attend your Covid induction day, enjoy being back and see what we have been up to

If you have any questions or worries please email Sarah Mancini our Trustee for safeguarding here.


Doodles are linked here and we would like everyone to follow this schedule: There will only be 6 people at each session, further sessions added.

If you are unable to attend during the relevant timescales please email Nigel.

Our objective is to have everyone retrained and back at Broadlands.  If there are personal circumstances that you feel will prevent you coming, please let Nigel know.

We have riders waiting to be assessed and Saturday riders waiting to get back in the saddle.

Once you have been through the training we have many jobs that need doing to get the facillites ready; park clearing, low branch trimming, dock clearing, ragwort clearing, this list will grow......

Volunteers, Coaches, Staff

w/c 27 July & w/c 3 Aug



When visiting Broadlands

We would like you to use the 2m spacing rule, please bear this in mind thoughout any visits.

There are safe routes for entry and exit highlighted on the map and we request you adhere to them, reducing the risk of spreading the disease and keeping everyone safe.

  • Please bring a pair of riding gloves

  • A face mask is not required

  • When parking please leave 2m between vehicles

  • There will be no tea/coffe/water available on site.

  • The Gallery will be closed.

  • If you use the cloakroom, when finished please wipe down all surfaces with the cloth and sanitiser provided.

  • The cloakroom, feed room, hay barn (old and new) and stables are all single person access only.

  • The tack room is 2 person access


Please come prepared to make your donation by card payment or prepay by bank transfer.

Our bank details are:

Bank  CAF

Sort Code: 405240

Account: 00029242

Please use your surname and ride date as a reference

Understanding Covid-19 and staying safe

Please use the buttons at the bottom of the presentation to scroll through, you can see it full screen with the button bottom right.  Best viewed on a pc, mac or tablet.


When you get to the end of the presentation please click the link and complete your details.


There are two sections to complete through the process and you can access the form from the button below.

Thank you.

When the form opens please add your email address and name and tick the relevant box.


Please complete Application form below and email when you are ready to come back

Covid Safe Certificate

Sign up for 'clean-up' days

Below are the jobs that will need doing.  There will be a list on the Whiteboard in front of the Gallery door with the jobs for that day.  If you would like to volunteer please rememebr the Covid guidelines, you must: book in via Doodle, follow the one way system, sanitise your hands on arrival, smile and enjoy yourselves.  To match the jobs the relevant tools will be out for the day's work, please replace them from where you got them when finished.  Hopefully taking these steps will keep you safe and allow you to have a good time.  When you are finished if you would like to have a socially distanced lunch in the park please let us know, so we can leave ours at home that day ;-)

Picking up droppings.

Sweeping cobbles.

Clearing out old hay barn.

Cleaning stable wall.

Cleaning cobwebs in stables.

Clearing nettles off muck heap.

Cleaning stable windows and doors.

Cleaning gallery windows.

Tidy tool shed.

Grooming. (only two each session)

Cleaning tack.

Walking a pony.

Cutting and collecting docks in the Big Field and Park.

Picking up fallen branches in the Big Field and Park.

Clearing the dell in the Big Field.

Picking up flint stones in the Big Field.

Trimming overhanging/low hanging hedge/tree branches.

​Pulling Ragwort and Foxglove.

The first jobs will take advantae of the weather and focus on work in the Big Field and Park.  Please ensure you wear relevant togs and bring good gloves forworking tieht the docks, ragwort, foxgloves,  dead wood and stones.  If you have a pair of secateurs please bring them for getting rid of the docks.

Doodle link for booking your slot.  Thank you and please take care

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