Broadlands Christmas 2020 Stocking Filler Appeal


Make their wish come true this Christmas -

Adopt A Pony at Broadlands


Many able-bodied children dream of owning a pony.

For children with disabilities - physical or psychological, visible or hidden - the dream is to even ride one. And Broadlands RDA helps them to achieve just that. 


Children who may be wheelchair bound can find freedom of movement and fulfillment riding one of our ponies. Children with mental disabilities also flourish with exposure to riding and being around our gentle equines. Teachers and parents regularly comment on the positive changes they see in their children’s motor skills, behaviour and mood. 


And, the children themselves build strong bonds with the ponies they work with and with our volunteers, who are at their side to keep them safe.


For a modest sum, starting at £5.00 a month, you can help fund one of these ponies. And you will help ensure that more children have the chance to experience something extraordinary, which takes them out of their daily routine, and helps build their character and strengthen their muscles.


Your donation goes directly to buying feed, bedding, veterinary and physio care for our ponies throughout the year.


Broadlands Group RDA is a charity. We have two paid members of staff, but for every other function from stable hands, side walkers, coaches to trustees, we are indebted to our wonderful volunteers. We all believe the bond between a pony and a child can be transformative. 


This year spread the goodwill of Christmas by donating to Broadlands during our Stocking Filler Appeal.  You will support a pony and by so doing will help one of our little riders. We are offering gift certificates that can be sent to you or directly to your recipient.

Buy a Broadlands Stocking Filler for someone special this year.


If you would like to donate a sponsorship in somebody’s name, we can email them a certificate of sponsorship.

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