Moni 'Mo'


We are all coming to terms with the loss of Moni over a sad and difficult week for us all.

We would like to thank Suzanne and Jacky for all of their kindness and support with Moni’s last illness.

Moni has received the very highest level of care from you all and for that we are truly grateful.

Sadly a recovery was not to be and Moni was put to sleep peacefully.

We are so touched by the testimonials written in the Broadlands 'Pony Express' about lovely Moni. From everything you have written Moni has certainly won your hearts, as she did ours and she will be sorely missed. We have reflected on her place in our family and thought we would share some detail of the pivotal role she played in our lives. Lauren and Kate were eight and four years old when we bought Moni and now, as adults, cherish fond memories of their childhood ‘other sister’.

We moved to live in Germany and quickly set about acquiring horses, first Evita (17.1 h.h. black warmblood) and then Moni soon after. As Lauren and Kate were cutting their equestrian teeth on a crazy little Shetland, I had been admiring a beautiful caramel pony from a distance. At last Moni came up for sale as her rider grew too tall. It is rare with horse purchases to be totally certain you have found the perfect animal but we knew this with Moni from the outset.

And so it came to be. Both girls learnt to ride well and spent many happy summers collecting valuable riding and life experiences with Moni in both fun and serious competitions. Moni provided them both with a healthy collection of rosettes and trophies.

Moni had an uncanny knack of knowing the riding skills and confidence of her rider behaving accordingly with either care, and sensitivity and confidence boosting or stepping up her game with a polished high  level performance enjoying the applause in the prize giving.

Moni loved human attention and her requests for food and company are known to all. She was the easiest pony to care for never blinking an eye at traffic, farriers or even dentists! She did however often add a touch of spice to travelling, ensuring that we were never under any illusions that it was Moni and not us who would decide if and when she would load onto the horse trailer!

As Lauren and Kate grew tall we were faced with a tricky decision as to how to keep Moni gainfully employed using her skills in teaching children to ride and grow in confidence. My own first pony had spent his last years in a second career with 'Riding for the Disabled' and so the next step for us was inevitable. I had known of Broadlands through my own work with children and gave Suzanne a call. Suzanne saw Moni’s potential and the rest is history as Moni joined her new family. She soon became part of the herd establishing her position with an appropriate pecking order established.

 She was clever and learnt fast able to judge the skills of each jockey. Her kind nature and patient approach allowed even the most challenged riders to learn and benefit through grooming, stroking and just having physical contact with her. It is remarkable to witness the soothing, calming and healing benefits of human and equine contact. As Winston Churchill observed ‘There is something about the outside of a horse which is good for the inside of a man’.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of Moni’s life at Broadlands.

She has had a true purpose and we have met new friends. We have been welcomed into Moni’s life with you. We have seen the joy that ponies bring at the weekly sessions as well as at the open days and special events. Moni introduced us to Broadlands and we look forward to that friendship enduring. Moni has linked us to you all and, as the sadness at her loss falls away we know this be replaced by a wealth of happy memories in our shared experience in the life of this unique and much treasured pony.

Clare, Mark, Lauren and Kate

Moni's owners

June 2020

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"I was born in Connemara back in 2004. Yes, I'm a grey and I'm 15.2hh. 

At the end of the day I simply love a good comfy night's sleep. Two things that bug me though are flippin' horseflies and guess what... Having to get up!"  


"Nobody knows for sure but I may be just over twenty years old after being born roundabout 1994. And I am an Icelandic chestnut coloured 13hh gelding who loves helping children. As far as I am concerned horse flies are the bane of my life. 

I hate them."


"I am a superstar... Everyone loves me, mostly I guess, because I am so trustworthy. I'm a small cob (there's something about that that really annoys me!) 14.2hh skewbald/roan mare who was born back in 1994.

The only thing I hate is being on a diet." 



"After being born a cob in 2000 I arrived at Broadlands on St George's Day in April 2012. Yes, I'm a black pony and I'm 14.3 hh. Two things that turn me on are getting loads of attention and eating buckets full of lunch followed by a snooze."


"Actually my full name is 'Matley Bracken 2nd'. Yes I'm a mare;

I'm bay coloured and was born just around the corner in the New Forest back in 2001.

I adore working with small children especially when I'm on the lead rein."



"I was born in Ireland in 2002.

I'm a 14.1hh grey roan/skewbald and I simply love being groomed and getting out to work! 

I just love Broadlands and have been living here since November 2010. Everyone tells me I'm very bossy."


"Just so there is no confusion my real name is 'Millesford  Hollywood Hotstuff! I was born a star in the New Forest back in 1999.

My beautiful colouring is chestnut with a hint of strawberry roan. I'm a glamorous 13.2 hh. Nothing thrills me more than showing off in competitions."


"Well "Hi there everybody! 

Just so you know my passport name is 'Starburst'.

I was born in Ireland. I'm 128cm tall and about 12.3hh; a super coloured gelding.

I love teaching young humans the art of show jumping. Confidence is my middle name. I'm cool, calm, and chatty too!" 


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