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If you love Broadlands, RDA, Medstead 

 please help us and adopt one of our wonderful ponies. 

They are so precious to us and were chosen because of their special calm nature and inspiring ability to give riders hope for the future.


Last year it cost us approx £355 per pony every month to look after them properly; including food, vets, physio and dentistry treatments, farriers, tack, bedding and training.

If you think you can help us by giving a donation of £5 or £10 a month please select your favorite pony below and then sign up by clicking on the 'Adopt Me Now' button.


"I was born in Connemara back in 2004. Yes, I'm a grey and I'm 15.2hh. 

At the end of the day I simply love a good comfy night's sleep. Two things that bug me though are flippin' horseflies and guess what... Having to get up!"  


"Nobody knows for sure but I may be just over twenty years old after being born roundabout 1994. And I am an Icelandic chestnut coloured 13hh gelding who loves helping children. As far as I am concerned horse flies are the bane of my life. 

I hate them."


"I am a superstar... Everyone loves me, mostly I guess, because I am so trustworthy. I'm a small cob (there's something about that that really annoys me!) 14.2hh skewbald/roan mare who was born back in 1994.

The only thing I hate is being on a diet." 



"After being born a cob in 2000 I arrived at Broadlands on St George's Day in April 2012. Yes, I'm a black pony and I'm 14.3 hh. Two things that turn me on are getting loads of attention and eating buckets full of lunch followed by a snooze."


"Actually my full name is 'Matley Bracken 2nd'. Yes I'm a mare;

I'm bay coloured and was born just around the corner in the New Forest back in 2001.

I adore working with small children especially when I'm on the lead rein."



"I was born in Ireland in 2002.

I'm a 14.1hh grey roan/skewbald and I simply love being groomed and getting out to work! 

I just love Broadlands and have been living here since November 2010. Everyone tells me I'm very bossy."


"Just so there is no confusion my real name is 'Millesford  Hollywood Hotstuff! I was born a star in the New Forest back in 1999.

My beautiful colouring is chestnut with a hint of strawberry roan. I'm a glamorous 13.2 hh. Nothing thrills me more than showing off in competitions."


"Well "Hi there everybody! 

Just so you know my passport name is 'Starburst'.

I was born in Ireland. I'm 128cm tall and about 12.3hh; a super coloured gelding.

I love teaching young humans the art of show jumping. Confidence is my middle name. I'm cool, calm, and chatty too!" 


Signing up and giving a monthly donation of £5 - £10 could make such a great difference and help us to develop our services to help others.


Email you to confirm your donation.

Send you a lovely photo of your chosen pony

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Invite you to our annual Open Day.

Keep you updated about our up and coming events

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